5G Flagship Handset Plan
iPhone Plan
5G SIM Plan
5G Plan with Handset Voucher
4.5G/4G Plan
4.5G Plan with Handset Voucher
Prepaid SIM
Value-added Services (For iPad)
Flexi Entertainment Pack
Multi-entertainment - KKBOX / hmvod
  • Top 2 hit entertainment combo with music, movies and TV dramas
Infinity Data for entertainment
  • Infinity Data in KKBOX / hmvod, feel free to listen music, watch movies and TV show
3Gamer Beginner Pack
Local infinity data to play designated mobile games
Monthly fee fully rebated on below items:
  • Spending at App Store and Google Play via Bill-to-3
  • MyCard, Gash and Razer Gold game point card purchases
  • 3Gamer game pack purchases
Local infinity data to play Identity V, Lineage 2 Revolution, Stone Age M, and more.
Purchase 3Gamer game packs.
Handset Switch Service
Switch your device for whatever reason
Dedicated channel for switching & deliver within 6 hours