Flexi Entertainment Pack
Multi-entertainment - KKBOX / hmvod / myTV SUPER
Top 3 hit entertainment combo with music, movies and TV dramas

Infinity Data for entertainment
Infinity Data in KKBOX / hmvod / myTV SUPER, feel free to listen music, watch movies and TV show

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3Gamer Beginner Pack
Local infinity data to play designated mobile games
Monthly fee fully rebated on below items:

Spending at App Store and Google Play via Bill-to-3
MyCard, Gash and Razer Gold game point card purchases
3Gamer game pack purchases

Local infinity data to play Identity V, Lineage 2 Revolution, Stone Age M, and more
Purchase 3Gamer game packs
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Handset Switch Service
Switch your device for whatever reason
Dedicated channel for switching & deliver within 6 hours

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Planet 3

Planet 3 offers you a wide choice of infotainment services and popular Apps including 3Books and KKBOX music download service. 3HK customers can browse Planet 3 via iPad without paying the local mobile data charge!


How to add Planet 3 icon :

1. Open Safari, input "mobile.three.com.hk" & click「+」

2. Click「Add to Home Screen」. After a few seconds, the 3 icon appears, click「add」. The Planet 3 icon will be added to Home Screen automatically

3Books - the mobile online aggregator of HK magazines, books and comics with up to date content always available to bring great reading pleasure to users.

3HK presents to you the monthly e-book service - MagV. It has Taiwan, Hong Kong and mainland China magazines for you to choose from. Let's enjoy e-library reading on your mobile and tablets anytime, anywhere with infinity local data for MagV. All magazine rack is update and all magazines are completely full versions.

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3 News delivers you local and international headline news, up-to-the-minute video news, finance, entertainment, sports as well as weather reports and live traffic videos, all direct to your mobile.
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Continuous update of right-after-theater latest blockbusters and all-time-favourite movie.

Watch Movie with Just One Tab
Enjoy 3 designated pay per rent movies on your devices, Just one user account and your devices will become your personal theatre anytime anywhere.

Unlimited replay
Purchased movies can be played as many times as required within a 48-hour period.

One account for multiple login
A single login account allows you to watch on a smartphone, tablet, Smart TV or via the website, and the same login can be used by two viewers
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Korea Star Daily
Korea Star Daily provides you news of Kpop stars and dramas, and K-Mag articles on Kpop stars interview and features. Also there are latest Kpop MV, teaser and artists' performance videos. The Kpop Star Database allows you to search information on your favourite artists and dramas.

3HK Customer can enjoy 1 month free-trial. Download the App and try this out.

(Contents are available in Chinese only)
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KKBOX offers diverse music library widely of over 40 million tracks, along with the hottest MVs in town. With unlimited access on your mobile, infinity local data for KKBOX, and the DTS surround effect, you could enjoy the best music experience anytime, anywhere.
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Get real-time HK stock quotes with detailed information, instant market news and the latest market movements, warrant and property information as well as professional analysis via 3 Finance! We help you monitor your investment portfolio at anytime.
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Shot'n Print
Shot'n Print enables you to print the images from your handset and computer anytime anywhere in a simple and convenient way without any handsets or memory cards. You can upload your images under 3G or 4G network, Wifi or fixed line network with different size (2R, 3R or 4R). Photos will be delivered to specific address accordingly!
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3 Entertainment Channel provides you with the latest entertainment news. You won't miss any hot entertainment news!
- TVB Drama & Gossip
- i-Cable Entertainment
- ontv
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The next generation mobile browser, the fastest and most convenient way to read the Web anywhere. By breaking the traditional way of browsing the Internet, this one-stop personalized portal is a perfect for your to read information on mobile devices. Only HK$10/month if sign up now! 3HK customers can enjoy an free trial of 2 months!
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Call Block
Now you can personalize to block unknown calls or pre-defined Black List numbers, to protect your privacy when you are going abroad or in Hong Kong, 3Call Block can help you a saving from unwanted roaming expenses. Features include: black list, authorized list, block unknown calls, call block alert and call block summary.
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Data Roaming Daily Pass
Data Roaming Daily Pass - available in 153 destinations / 216 networks in Asia Pacific, Europe, Americas, Middle East and Africa. For as low as $138 per day, you can enjoy data roaming on the designated networks to access email, browse the Internet, video streaming or use any application without limitations, the same experience as in Hong Kong. Data Roaming Daily Pass customers can enjoy exclusive offer calling to local numbers at special flat rate $5/min.
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Data Roaming Daily Pass for Rechargeable SIM customer is also available.

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Visual Voicemail
In addition to the existing 3G voice mail services, 3HK customers can apply for the iPhone's Visual Voicemail from now on. Visual Voicemail allows you to browse a list of your messages and you can choose which one to listen, reply or delete, just like the email, you can also go directly to any of your messages without listening to the prior messages. You are no longer limited by the voice call flow and you can quickly select the messages that are most important to you.
Have difficulties remember the right short code of all your requests like call forwarding? Not anymore! The 3Shortcode App served as a reference guide for you to learn the most frequently used short codes such as Busy Call Forwarding, Roaming and Bill Checking, and much more! The "Add to Contact" or "Add to Favorite" features come in handy for you to store and activate your useful short codes within clicks.
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Handset Replacement Plan
Our 12 months' FREE "Handset Replacement Plan"* means you'll never need to worry about your handset being stolen or damaged! *Customer is required to subscribe to $198 monthly plan or above and sign an additional 3 months contract (total 27 months contract).
3HK provides you the mobile one-stop service with My3. You can check bill at anytime, enjoy e-CS ambassador service and locate the nearest 3Shop by just 1 click in this app.
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Soccer Express
A SMS alert tool, which contains unlimited Live Scores SMS Alert and Odds Data SMS Alert, and also, you can freely browse any kind of football related information such as league ranking, fixtures, top scorers, news and players interview. The information covers most of the football league and cups over the world (such like EPL, Serie A, La Liga etc.) and even the local Hong Kong matches! Users should login and adjust the setting/selection through the free iPhone app "Soccer Express".